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Governor Markell Visits Milford Rotary Club

Governor Jack Markell, visited Milford Rotary on Halloween Night to bring a
message that was both hopeful and scary. The Governor said: We have done a
good job on employment and we have addressed some of our problems very well,
but we cannot rest on our laurels. We are competing with many more nations
in the World for jobs because of the technology, like the cell phones,
minicomputer, we all have -which allows even the most remote countries to
use their labor to compete with us, said Governor Markell. The Governor took
questions from the audience that ranged from trying to educate our workforce
to meet the needs of our future job market to how to change our racial and
ethnic experience to make all our citizens feel equally treated in the
workplace. The event was the weekly meeting of Milford Rotary held at
Rookery North at 5:45pm on Monday nights.